Febuary 24, 2011
UCSD: Performance Space, Visual Arts Facility - View Location
6:30pm, Free & Open to the Public

Samara Golden

  • Los Angeles-based artist Samara Golden uses a wide range of media to explore the emotional complexity of modern day mediation. Her recent work concentrates on combining sculpture with video, often through installations which incorporate the viewer through the use of surveillance cameras. The work operates within a world of hyper digital mediation, physically constructed with images of items from Ebay and blogs, found and handmade objects, photographs of the objects, and mirrors. The images taken from the Internet present notions of commercial display in differentiation from domestic arrangement, and set forth ideas about commodity exchange in direct relation to the way one constructs one's self. Golden's work proposes questions about the relationship between the self and the spectacle of media and commerce, and often plays with the reversal of the gaze, i.e. the watcher becomes the watched. The use of surveillance to capture the viewer, the environment, and the artwork itself, allows the work to gather its form and momentum from its own presence.

    • There's more but its invisible

      Click Image to Expand

      2009, Mixed media, Dimensions variable

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